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You have selected the 90 Day VIP Joyful Soul Business Booster Program membership level.

The 90 Day program starts with a 90 minute ‘Activate Your Money Code’ Session.
You will be given access details to the online Divine Joy Circle membership portal, where you’ll be able to take the Sacred Money Archetypes® assessment.

This takes about 10 minutes to complete. During your private 1-on-1 call you will discover who’s been running your Inner Money Team and how to get them working together to achieve your money goals.

Next, you will book in for a bonus 3 1/2 hour VIP Deep Dive Business Strategy intensive, valued at $997, either in person or via Zoom.

During this time we will craft your Business Energy Template, which holds
the energy of the visions and dreams you have for your business and life for you to step into.
Then we’ll design an action plan to implement over the next 90 days.

The first 6 weeks we will meet weekly via Zoom to work on clearing limiting beliefs and releasing the energy patterns held in your body ( also recognised by habits, default settings)
so that you are aligned on all levels with the intentions and money goals you’ve set.

The remainder of the 90 days we’ll meet every other week via Zoom.

If you require extra support in between those calls then that will be available
for you as long as you’ve done what you said you’d do at end of each call :)

The price for membership is $2,997.00 now.

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