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Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times but it doesn't have to be. The Divine Joy Circle welcomes you to receive all the support, training and resources you need to create a Joyful Soul Business - a business that not only fully expresses your divine brilliance, it also  fulfills you and sustains you on all levels.

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Hi, I'm Tina van Leuven

I'm a joy coach for entrepreneurs who've achieved success in their business at the cost of their own joy and fulfillment. I help them get their mojo back so they can be successful in business while staying fulfilled in life.

Imagine choosing to grow through joy instead of struggle…as you give yourself permission to embody your brilliance. What kind of life/biz would you create?

I’ve studied many different healing modalities around the world, ranging from aromatherapy, reflexology, astrology, numerology, AuraSoma®, EFT, TAT, Z- Point to name a few as well as completed a 4-year comprehensive healing science program at Victoria Merkle’s Centre for Energy Medicine in California, USA.

I’m also the coauthor of international bestseller ‘Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness’, ‘Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy’, author of Money and Miracles, host of Divine Joy Circle podcast and creator of the Divine Joy Circle for Soul Inspired Entrepreneurs.

Our 12 Month Immersion Program 

The 12 Month Immersion Program is a great place to start if you're not yet ready or able to invest in private coaching. You will experience the joy of co-creating and growing with other entrepreneurs in a small group setting as you transform your inner gremlins and get your mojo going to thrive in both your business and personal life.

The 2017 Circle opens for Early Bird Enrollment in October 2016.
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What Our Clients Say

Shane Melaugh

I am certain that without your guidance I would not be living the dream I am now. You showed me where my confidence was hiding and made some of the hardest, life changing decisions seem like a piece of cake. All of my goals have been hugely exceeded. I could not have done this without you. Thank you for always believing in my dreams and reminding me what it really is that I want to manifest in my life.

Karla Rothmann, Rothmann Horses Germany

Shane Melaugh

You truly learn to treasure yourself and to channel a ridiculous amount of abundance into your life on every single level.

Julie Hay, Toronto, Canada
Arbonne Independent Consultant

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